Writer’s Circle

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Day: 12 Wednesdays (Starting 1st March)
Time: 2 pm – 4 pm GMT (9 am – 11 am EST).
Location: Where you are (we meet on Zoom).  

Investment: £525 (or three monthly installments of £175).

Capacity: 7 spaces (to ensure intimacy and ample space for sharing)
Also includes:
🦋 Access to anything from my growing collection of downloadable journaling tools 🦋
Like any great story, each Circle has three essential parts:  
Beginning : Quickfire round to set intentions and activate your creativity.
Middle : Explore deep-dive prompts and engaging writing activities. 
End : Space to read your writing aloud and hear others share. 
The Writer’s Circle is for you if you want to:
Lock in weekly dedicated time to think, explore, create, write, and share.
Take your mind and creativity down unexplored avenues.
Get into a flow state. Engage in deep work. Elongate your attention span.
Build your writing confidence. Discover what YOU have to say.
Cultivate a writing practice that sticks and delivers.
Elevate the content you create and share.
Hi, I’m Georgina El Morshdy, and I’m the founder of Find Your YOU, the creator of the Aligned Message Activator, and the host of the Writing Your Best Self podcast. If I had to give myself some labels, I’d define myself as a messaging mentor, an intuitive writer, and a creative muse.
I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember — and professionally since 2011. 
I have a stack of experience as a teacher and a facilitator. Before I started my writing business, I spent eight years in Further Education Colleges teaching adults. Before then, I trained as a complementary therapist in multiple disciplines.   
I’m passionate about using writing (and journaling) as a catalyst for personal growth and a tool for sparking impact. I believe that in these changing times, our voice is one of the most effective tools we have for living a fully expressed life while leaving a positive footprint in the world. 
I love my work of creating and holding space for people to hear and see themselves, so they can know their ‘truth’ and unlock the confidence to be their full selves in this world. People say my exceptional listening and reflection skills, combined with my knack for asking pertinent questions, help them claim more of who they are. 
I’m excited to sit in circle with you as we crack ourselves open through creative prompts and writing activities. 
It’s going to be fun, revealing, and expansive. 
Here’s to more YOU. 

   Are sessions recorded? 

The Writer’s Circle is crafted as a live experience, so I don’t record these sessions. The live space creates accountability for writing and eliminates the usual distractions that keep us from going deep. It also creates a collaborative experience where like-minded people simultaneously work on the same prompts. You can’t replicate this experience when alone. Therefore, you’ll benefit most from the Writer’s Circle if you join live. 
That said, if you can’t make a session, I can make the prompts available to you after the Circle closes. 

   Do I need any special tools? 

Nope! Just something to write with. 
You can type if you prefer, but I recommend you try handwriting first, so feel free to treat yourself to a new journal (because there’s nothing better than a new notebook, right!!) 
You’ll also need a Zoom account, where we’ll host our live circle sessions. 

   Do I need to be a writer to participate? 

The Writer’s Circle is open to anyone who wants to explore themselves and the world through writing. 
The Circle doesn’t need you to show up polished and profound (although you could experience that). Instead, it asks for your heart, vulnerability, and authenticity. It asks that you take creative risks. Try new things. Explore different tones and techniques to enhance and develop your own style.
While anyone can be a writer, getting yourself well and truly on the blank page takes courage and creativity. That’s one reason why the Writer’s Circle exists.  

   What types of prompts & activities will we explore? 

A w-i-d-e and varied selection! We might explore a theme, a current event, a poem, a song, a contentious issue, or a question — to name just a few ‘openers’. 
Your writing is a gateway to more YOU. I’m often surprised at what unleashes people’s creativity or cracks them open. I see my carefully curated prompts as keys that unlock the labyrinth of magic within you. There are thousands of doors to explore inside of you. We’re going to knock on a few in our 12 weeks together. 
Inside the Circle, all you need to do is let go, follow your intuition, and let your words bubble onto the blank page. 
I promise you’ll blow your mind with what you create! 

   Do I have to share my work?

We conclude every week with space to share our writing. 
There’s ZERO pressure or obligation to share, only an invitation. 
I’ve found there’s incredible power in not only speaking our words aloud — but in hearing how others respond to the prompts. Our sharing space is confidential, non-judgemental, and sacred. 
Of course, you may choose to share some of your writings with your audience. This is one of the benefits of joining the Writer’s Circle. If content creation is a part of your remit, the Circle is here as a source of inspiration that can support your professional work. 

   Why are you offering the Writer’s Circle? 

I like to think that writing is in my blood. In fact, writing is the thread that’s flowed through my entire life. 
When I was a child, I wrote stories and plays. 
      As a teenager, I wrote journals (I still have my stack from the 1990s). 
      As a student, I wrote essays and a dissertation. 
      As an employee, I wrote network communications. 
      As a teacher, I planned curriculums, facilitated lessons, and created teaching materials. 
      As a copywriter, I write marketing and content. 
      As a creative being, I journal, write content, and design writing tools. 
I LOVE writing as a tool for self-expression, message-making, education, influence, inspiration, entertainment, social change, and more. 
I also love writing as a tool for personal growth — a way to test your beliefs, consolidate your stories, and expand your Individual Wisdom. It’s one of the reasons I created the Writer’s Circle. It’s easy to get stuck in echo chambers and silos. The Circle is here to give you access to new perspectives, ideas, and insights through prompts that challenge and inspire you. It’s also here for the company! Writing can get lonely. But while writing is largely an individual activity, you gain stacks from sitting with others while exploring your craft.  


Let the fun begin!

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