The Intentional Journaling Toolkit

The ultimate clarity-generating resource for creatives, visionaries, activators, and impact-driven entrepreneurs seeking inspiration, self-awareness, and self-leadership – so they can create a life and business rooted in authenticity, impact, and soul-deep fulfilment.
Gone are the days of underestimating who you really are.
Inside this toolkit is a collection of buttons & levers that inspire self-awareness, inner discovery, and personal power. Activate them to access Individual Wisdom and divine guidance so you can navigate challenges, spark inspiration, and amplify your unique voice – on demand.
Coach yourself through journaling and cultivate self-awareness, self-confidence, self-trust, self-love, and self-acceptance.
Leverage the power of intentional writing to expand your sense of self and embody it.
Discover who you are inside. Find the truth that’s separate from our busy, hyper-connected, hyper-stimulated world.
Create more presence and intentionality in your life and business. Make your journal a gateway to your inner world of wisdom, insight, and guidance – so you can access it any time you need it.
Elevate your decision-making skills by knowing yourself better. Create your life and business intentionally through aligned decisions.
Spark self-exploration to become a powerhouse for generating ideas. Amplify your ability to process, strategise, and plan from a place of deep knowing.
Hold, observe, explore, embrace, challenge, and question your secret thoughts and internal musings. When you shape your essence into tangible words, your journal becomes a mirror that reflects YOU.
Elevate your ability to question yourself and your choices so you can expose negative patterns and know what you heal or transform.

PDF: Find Your YOU Inside of Change Guided Journal

Change is inevitable. How we navigate the shift is 100% in our control. Use this journal to extract inner guidance, and recalibrate into the new space with grace and ease.

PDF: I Am Affirmations

Transform your identity and sense of self with the help of this journaling framework. With this tool in your hands, you’ll find it easier to cultivate the “I AM” statements you wish to integrate into your belief system.

PDF: 101 Transformational Questions

Never get beaten by the blank page again. Pick a question to open a gateway into YOU. Use it as a vessel to dig deep, crack something open, and take your journaling to meaningful places.

PDF: 52 List Journaling Prompts

Lists are a powerful way to access greater depths, explore beyond the immediately accessible answers, and elevate your journaling. Craft worthwhile lists with the help of these prompts.

PDF: 12 Clarity Sparking Questions

Overcome confusion and move through hyper-stimulation with this series of questions that guide you to clarity and inner knowing.

PDF: 25 Letters To Express Your Truth

Create a clearing for forgiveness, closure, clarity, and growth with the help of this collection of letter writing prompts.

PDF: Get Unstuck, Start Moving Bundle

Fed up of getting stopped in your tracks; unable to decide how to move forward? These powerful journaling frameworks are the perfect way to navigate challenges and igniting momentum.
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Testimoniall -Intentional Journaling
My PERSONAL catch-all pad… the bespoke note-taking tool I use to capture ideas and revelations in one place, so they don’t get lost in the flurry of life. 
I’m giving you TWO versions. One is an exact copy of the tool I use. The second has blank headings to personalise the tool and use it to track your own themes. 
I’ve never shared this tool publicly. However, I’ve realised it’s too handy to keep to myself. I’m excited that now you can get value from it too! 
Georgina Straw Hat
I’m an intuitive writer, bestselling author, journaling queen, masterful interviewer, and relentless question-asker! Since the day I could write, I’ve had a notebook and pen by my side! 
In 2021, I trained for a qualification in journaling therapy. 
I’m a self-confessed stationery addict and snob who’s very picky with my choice of notebook and pens. 
Questions guide ALL my work as a message muse and mentor. Clients tell me I’m exceptionally skilled at asking the right questions to cut through the clutter and get at your truth. 
I’m the host of the Writing Your Best Self podcast – a weekly show that’s all about journaling. Ranked by ListenNotes in the top 5% of global podcasts. 
I spent a decade working as a teacher, mentor, and curriculum manager in a further education setting. My favourite part was creating worksheets and supporting students into self-leadership. 
Obsessed with taking people deep, coaxing out the unspoken truths, holding space for liberation through radical self-expression and individual wisdom. 
I love creating journaling tools. It’s one of my favourite outlets for my insatiable creativity.
Susanne Testitmonial
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