The Deep Dive Notebook

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Experience a new,
deep-dive journaling adventure
each week to:

Unlock soul wisdom.
Awaken your inner guru.
Inspire fearless self-expression.
Ignite a thought revolution.

£35 a month. Stay as long as you choose. Cancel anytime.

Discover the truth, unleash your voice, be more YOU
Do you crave the fulfilment of a deeper life?
Are you aching to unlock more, say more, and create more?
Do you want to escape the restrictive glass ceiling, limiting thoughts, and social expectations?
If so, The Deep Dive Notebook is for you 💜
🗝 Deep dive questions provide the key
🚪 Journaling rituals opens the hidden door
🥰 Community discussion offers the stage

Your inner wisdom is waiting for you to ‘write it and express it’.
Your heart is ready to reveal the guidance you crave to speak your truth
and make the impact you came here to create.

Let The Deep Dive Notebook unravel your YOU so you can share it with the world
– because you have work to do and your people are waiting for you to shine

£35 a month. Stay as long as you choose. Cancel anytime.

Thought-provoking journaling adventures that transform your thinking, your self-expression, and your life

The right questions pierce a portal into your soul so you can shine the light on your beautiful truth. As you explore potent journaling adventures, you can peel away the grime, scrape away fear, and get clarity on who you are and what you’re here to say.

Then you’re back in control 🙌

That’s the power of our weekly adventures. They’ll shake you out of your comfort zone and guide you to see yourself [and your life] with fresh eyes. It’s how each adventure becomes an invitation to dive deeper, open closed doors, and flow into the truth of who you really are.

With the help of soul-deep questions and conversations, you’ll move through obstacles, awaken strengths, increase your vibration, and step fully into your power. You’ll see your true essence, fall in love with your soul, and shine your light more brightly than ever before.

No more hiding. No more playing small. No more staying silent.
This is your calling to make YOUR voice heard – so you can embrace and express the greatness you always knew was there.

£35 a month. Stay as long as you choose. Cancel anytime.

Join the Deep-Dive Notebook and receive…

  • An invitation to a deep-dive question
    and conversation each week
Infuse each week with deep thought, inner work, unapologetic self-expression, and meaningful conversation. This is your sacred space to dive into your truth to see what bubbles up.
  • More YOU Alliance
Engage in deep conversation with like-minded souls – all inspired by the revelations and evolutions that become possible when you dive into your depths.
  • Access to deeper dives
Join Georgina’s regular lives, insights, and training inside the More YOU community for a chance to go even deeper into yourself. 
  • Growth, awakening, emergence
Let the journaling adventures fuel a journey of profound self-discovery as you write and express your way back to YOU. When you remember who you really are, the space you inhabit transforms, and life opens up. 
  • Soul-led guidance on your next steps
You are your own muse. You hold the answers. You always know what’s right for you. All you’ve got to do is listen to the whispers of your heart and soul. When you write your way to you inside your Deep Dive Notebook, you’ll unlock the guidance you need to thrive.
  • Heart-centred content creation
Each week, you’ll receive tips for turning your journaled thoughts into powerful content pieces. Get excited because so much happens when you become visible with the truth of who you are 💕

£35 a month. Stay as long as you choose. Cancel anytime.


We live in an age of information overload and overwhelm that leaves our senses bombarded. This shift has diminished our attention spans. With so much in our periphery, we’re settling for the superficial and surface level.

This lack of depth is damaging.

It prevents us from having in-depth conversations with ourselves and others. It stops us questioning, leaves us exposed to external influences, and prevents us connecting with our truth.

When we swim in the shallows, we can’t access the transformative knowledge and insights within. We can’t tap into our genius.

We can’t embrace the Inner Journey, Outer Expression process that shows us who we really are.

Instead, we stick with small talk, stay externally focused, and remain rooted in the status quo that keeps the lid on our heart and soul.


It’s time to question, probe, and challenge the accepted paradigms.

It’s time to do the work that will allow human consciousness to evolve in the direction it must.
So much is broken right now.

We’re disconnected from our planet and we see ourselves as separate from nature. We’re intoxicated by consumerism and are resigned to buying our way out of the misery, frustration, and pain we feel.

We’re focused on the things that don’t matter to our soul – how we look, what other people think. The rules of this patriarchal paradigm are keeping us stuck, destroying the planet, and stifling our self-expression and natural creativity.

We’re bored. Disinterested. Frustrated. Angry at others. Divided. Confused. Hurt.

But this isn’t ‘bad’… instead, this is taking us toward a tipping point where we have the choice to be, do, and have different.


Change won’t trickle down, and it won’t come from outside ourselves.
Instead, it comes within.

It rises up when you’re rooted in your power, when you connect with your soul, and when you realise how incredible you really are.

It’s no accident you’re alive in these times. YES! You were BORN for these times. You were born amid confusion, division, and destruction because you have something that will help resolve humanity’s issues.

You have something to say that can change the way we live, think, and work together for the benefit of all.


You just gotta discover what that ‘thing’ is.

You just gotta discover who YOU really are.

And you can, when you invest in an inner journey that’s driven by DEEP THOUGHT and meaningful discussion.

This is a journey we’ll take together when you join The Deep Dive Notebook

The Deep Dive Notebook is here to guide you through the Inner Journey, Outer Expression spiral. It’s designed to provide powerful questions and conversations that spark your journey of self-discovery – so you can be the person you were born to be.

Think it. Write it. Declare it.

Join the programme, and each week, you’ll receive a journaling adventure that takes you d-e-e-p. This question is yours to use in whatever way you choose. 

Make these questions your heart fuel and soul food. 

Make these conversations the catalyst that takes you back to your truth – so the world gets to see MORE of who you already are. 

Use these questions to help you get confident and comfortable in your own skin so you can embody your YOU and make the impact you came here to make.

We have work to do. 

Are you in?

£35 a month. Stay as long as you choose. Cancel anytime.

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