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Georgina El Morshdy is the founder of Find Your YOU and the creator of the Aligned Message Activator. She’s a messaging mentor, an intuitive writer, a creative muse, and the host of the Writing Your Best Self podcast.

Georgina is passionate about using message-making as a catalyst for personal growth and a tool for sparking impact. She believes that in these changing times, our individuality is one of the most potent tools we have for living a fully expressed life while making a positive difference in the world.

Through her programs, private coaching, and journaling tools, Georgina empowers impact-driven entrepreneurs, creatives, and visionaries to connect deeply with themselves so they can activate and amplify their unique voice, vision, and visibility. In turn, they can surface, shape and share their soul’s message for impact, income, and influence.

Georgina lives in Plymouth, UK, with her three children and husband. When she’s not message-making, she loves journaling, creating with her singing bowls, long walks by the ocean, and deep conversations that touch your soul.
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