Sage. Philosopher. Storyteller.

Discover your sacred self, unleash your voice, and activate your soul’s message with THREE potent weeks of live training, inner journey prompts, writing adventures, and sisterhood support.

For creatives, visionaries, activators, and impact entrepreneurs. 

Coming in June 2022

Sage. Philosopher. Storyteller:
My flagship program
Your authentic voice is an activator, and your sacred self is a catalyst for positive change. During this three-week adventure, you’ll activate and explore three potent energies that guide you to your CORE essence and truth.
The wise one.
The root of your Individual Wisdom.
The intuitive seeker of inherent knowledge and channelled guidance.
The logical, analytical thinker.
The one who deciphers complexity to discover what you KNOW.
The inner genius who distils your knowing into frameworks, philosophies, programs, and tools
The potent communicator that can captivate your audience.
The spiritual teacher who shares stories that touch the soul.
The embodied leader who’s fearlessly visible and relentless with the message you’re here to share.
Who you choose to BE and what you decide to DO in our changing world matters.
It’s time to add your voice to the charge of change and evolution.
Sage. Philosopher. Storyteller is for you if:
You’re ready to hit the ‘unmute’ button on your business and BE MORE YOU in your work.
You desire more depth and POTENCY.
You KNOW you have something to say and are excited to do the inner work and journaling to find it.
You feel called to help build the new paradigm by speaking for the earth and sparking conversations about the challenges humanity faces.
You desire to be fearlessly visible and share your authentic voice on social media, videos, podcasts, and even books.
You’re ready to attract aligned clients who resonate with your stories, personality, and unique perspective on the world. 
“If not now, then when? If not you, then who?”
This is a potent journey for creatives, visionaries, activators, and impact-driven entrepreneurs who are ready to stand STRONG in their message for collective change and evolution.

It’s for people who KNOW we don’t have the luxury of staying silent, playing small, or pretending it’s all going to go away.

It’s for people who hear the call of our CHILDREN to rise like never before.

It’s for courageous souls who are ready to make a stand for the collective – and this incredible planet that we have the privilege to call home.
This deep-dive experience sparks a shift from:
Invisibility to fearless visibility.
Tongue-tied with writer’s block to an overflow of ideas, insights, and stories to share.
Doubting your power to spark change to soul-deep confidence that your message matters.
Hiding your truth to excitement to be seen and heard in the publications and media you care about.
Frustration that you’re not doing enough to a deep sense of fulfilment that you’re speaking about meaningful issues.
Your Sage. Philosopher. Storyteller energies will empower you to do something, say more, and make a stand for something bigger than yourself.
How we CHOOSE to show up now will matter for GENERATIONS.

Each of us holds the key to positive change because we all have a MESSAGE for collective evolution inside of us.

It's written into our lives, shaped by our personality, and born from our Individual Wisdom & Divine Guidance.

Sage. Philosopher. Storyteller. will help you extract that message - and cultivate the courage to share it fearlessly.
Imagine if we ALL got fearlessly visible with the message we came here to share…

I'm sure it would be enough to nudge the needle in a direction that would BENEFIT THE COLLECTIVE.

It’s time to get brave with the message YOU came here to share.

Georgina xx
Sharyn Testimony
"I will show you how to reconnect with your truth - so you’re compelled to speak your mind, share your unique perspectives, and leverage your life experiences as a teaching tool that sparks positive change for humanity."
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