Using Questions To Spark Personal Growth

Using Questions To Spark Personal Growth

Using Questions To Spark Personal Growth

Anytime I explore my values, personal growth is near the top of my list. I love the feeling of finding new edges, healing old wounds, and breaking through glass ceilings to step into the next version of who I have the potential to be. 

Maybe you feel the same… 

After all, continuous growth is an instinct we all have. Growth is a force of nature where life seeks to expand its capacity and achieve its fullest reach. It’s why growth is often forced upon us. For example, when we have:

  • A challenge to overcome. 
  • A problem to solve. 
  • An opportunity to innovate. 

Other times, we can be the catalyst for our own growth.

We can choose to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and take on things we’ve never done before. We can set ourselves goals that cause us to dig deeper into our reserves and call upon a resolve that was previously dormant. 

We can also spark personal growth in simpler ways – for example, in the questions that we ask ourselves.

Let me explain…

Thoughts become things

Thoughts are energy.

And thoughts can become things because our thoughts shape our emotions and our decisions. Everything created by a human on this planet started life as a seed in someone’s imagination. Next, that thought became a plan through a series of decisions. Finally, it became a reality once the plan got implemented.

Our thoughts empower us to manifest a reality in the outside world.

What we think, so we become…

And we’re always creating. Did you know the average person thinks between 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day? This statistic sounds mindblowing – until you learn that most of our thoughts are repetitive and low-level. We repeat thought loops and invest big chunks of our brain’s energy into wondering what we’ll have for dinner!

Without a new stimulus, we keep going around in the same circles. This means if our thoughts are unproductive, we compound and reinforce that experience. If we mull over the same thoughts and ideas, we recreate that reality. 

Sparking personal growth with questions

In The Master Keys System, Charles F. Hannel said, “questions are spiritual searchlights.” I love this metaphor. It reminds us that questions are tools that can illuminate a portal for discovery. This quote is also a reminder that the question is more important than the answer. In the words of Eugene Ionesco, “It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” 

It’s why I have an obsession with cultivating questions that crack something open.

I know questions have the power to activate, unlock, and unleash the deepest parts of who we are. It’s why asking potent questions is a cornerstone of my work – and I’m a master of it!

With a deep-dive question, you can:

  • Take your thinking in new directions. 
  • Open up new thought loops. 
  • Discover new ideas, new insights, and new inner genius. 
  • Ignite personal growth, change and transformation.
  • Sharpen your focus and challenge yourself.
  • Cultivate a new level of self-discovery in your journal.
  • Get to know who you are at deeper and deeper levels.

But how can we know the best questions to ask – if growth is our intention?

Introducing 101 Transformational Questions for personal growth

If you’re ready to elevate the questions you explore, I recommend you check out the 101 Transformational Questions ToolSplit into FIVE categories, these questions are ready to amplify your journaling, your conversations, and even catalyse your next breakthrough.

Invest in your collection today and empower yourself to spark inner discoveries that go somewhere meaningful and worthwhile. 


I create this so that:

  1. You remember how much your voice matters.
  2. You’re inspired to dig deeper into your message, get creative with your content, and keep showing up with fearless visibility.

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