1:1 Support

These pivotal times call for
that protect the planet and ensure more people thrive.
It’s why you’re inspired to leverage your thought leadership through content, courses, and coaching. You know your unique voice, vision, & visibility can become catalysts for positive change.
I offer these private sessions to help people (like you) explore the deep-dive work to know your truth – so you can share your aligned message ethically and authentically.
Week by week, we’ll explore questions, reflections, and conversations – activating a muse to SURFACE, SHAPE, and SHARE your message – so you can develop your body of work.
Let the adventure begin…

Sage energy

Your message & body of work lie within. 
Embrace the inner journey to discover the Individual Wisdom that’s unique to you.

Philosopher energy

Craft Individual Wisdom into philosophies, frameworks & tools.
Add scalability, authority, and ethical leadership to your body of work.

Storyteller energy

Take the stage & be fearlessly visible with your work.
Infuse stories into your content creating a unique context for your work.
Here’s everything that’s included in 1:1 support.
Weekly private calls
Tailored journaling prompts to consolidate in-call discoveries & breakthroughs.
Weekday Voxer for in-between call support.
Journalling tools from my growing library of digital tools.
In short, support that helps you SURFACE, SHAPE, & SHARE your aligned message, expand your unique body of work, and evolve your journaling practice.
Private sessions are for you if want to:
Create a unique body of work that leaves a positive footprint.
Amplify your unique Voice, Vision, & Visibility.
Activate your perfect clients through content & conversations.
Challenge the status quo. Make a stand for what you believe. Serve your clients ethically.
Expand & deepen your message – and in the process, your sense of self.
Elevate your content creation and activate an endless stream of content ideas.
Play the long game.
Do business, marketing, & content creation the ethical way.
You’ll value this support in your business if you:
Process ideas through conversations.
Are committed to inner work.
Overlook quality ideas and innovations because you’re too close to them.
Get activated by collaborative conversations & idea generation.
Love being challenged to dig deeper and explore further.
Enjoy the accountability of a weekly session.
Are motivated to answer deep-dive questions.
NOTE: Clicking the ‘start now’ button will take you to PayPal. Payment is in advance. You’ll activate a monthly subscription, which you can cancel anytime.
Georgina El Morshdy is the founder of Find Your YOU and the creator of the Aligned Message Activator. She’s an intuitive writer, a creative muse, and the host of the Writing Your Best Self podcast. 
Georgina is passionate about using message-making as a catalyst for personal growth and a tool for building a better world. She loves holding space for people who want to build a world that respects the planet and works for more people. 
She believes that in these changing times, our body of work is one of the most potent tools we have for making a positive difference in the world. 
Through her offers and journaling tools, Georgina supports impact-driven entrepreneurs, creatives, and visionaries to activate and amplify their unique message 
Georgina lives in Plymouth, UK, with her three children and husband. When she’s not message-making, she loves journaling, creating with her singing bowls, long walks by the ocean, and deep conversations that go somewhere.
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