An Ode To YOUR Message

An Ode To YOUR Message

An ODE To YOUR Message

Your message is an invitation to deepen into the truth of who YOU are. 

The more you explore your message…

And the words you came here to speak…

The more you SEE yourself. The more you KNOW yourself. The more you EVOLVE yourself. 

Your message is calling you to reclaim the parts of you that you hid, silenced, and denied. 

Your message is a healing container inside which your fullness can thrive. 

This IS the work you’ve been waiting for. 

Your soul is ready to show you its fullness and your greatness. 

And you can handle this. 

You’re beyond ready.

You can trust the message you are here to share. 

You can fall into its arms – and surrender yourself fully to the ideas and visions that beat in your heart and pulsate through your cells. 

The time for playing small is over. 

Humanity doesn’t have time for you to ignore your greatness anymore. 

Humanity needs YOU. 

ALL of you. 

Because you have a solution. 

An inspired way of being. 

An answer to someone else’s challenges. 

A remedy for someone else’s pain. 

You are a piece of someone else’s jigsaw. 

So hold up that piece. 

Let your light shine. 

Be proud and loud about what you can do. 

It’s what your soul always intended. 

At this time. In this time. For this time. 

You’re right. 

You are a force for good and greatness. 

You do have something to say that can elevate, empower, and inspire the people you are here to serve. 

Your stories matter. 

Because they cut through the noise, 

And light a ray of possibility for others on the same path. 

It’s safe to let your message lead. 

If you listen to its whispers,

Reflect on your path.

Own who you’ve been – and who you are,

You will see the truth. 

That there are parts of you hiding in plain sight that are ready to be embraced. 

It’s time to pull them back. 

And be MORE of who you always were. 

Message-making isn’t about what you say alone. 

It’s about WHO YOU ARE in your message. 

Do you have the courage to weave your entire self into the things you make a stand for? 

Or do you leave parts of yourself on the table, 

Because you forgot they existed. 

Or because you fear what others might think of you if you reveal your ALL? 

Your message is your invitation to step into the fullest version of who you came here to be. 

Your message will stretch and empower you. 

It will show you your blind spots. 

It will reveal your greatness. 

And it will call you into your SOULPrint – so you can live the life and make the impact your soul dreamed of before it landed in your incredible body.

It’s time. 

And you ARE ready.

Your light is mesmerising. 

Your power is inspiring. 

Your strength is empowering. 

Your courage is electrifying. 

When you step into your fullness and show me who you really are – I get a glimpse of what’s possible for me. 

When you refuse to hide your greatness – I discover that forgotten spark in me. 

When you’re brave enough to speak the words that burn on your lips,

I remember I have something important to say too.

When you make a stand for the things you believe in,

A part of me wants to have a meaningful mission too. 

They say a rising tide lifts ALL ships. 

For we are interconnected and intertwined in ways our human can’t fully understand. 

It’s why what you do for yourself, also impacts me. 

And why I need YOU to be the fullest version of your YOUR that you can possibly be. 


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I create this so that:

  1. You remember how much your voice matters.
  2. You’re inspired to dig deeper into your message, get creative with your content, and keep showing up with fearless visibility.

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