Know Your Truth

Journaling to know WHO YOU ARE
and WHAT YOU WANT on a whole new level.

The outside world of riches and beauty is no match for your magic inside.

Your inner world is a labyrinth of hidden secrets – an endless source of Individual Wisdom and unique guidance.

A whole new world of insight, knowing, and BEING awaits you…

And journaling is the key that unlocks this self-led portal to personal power, creativity, confidence, freedom, and more.

Your 52-week journaling adventure of self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-expression starts
when you choose what you want to pay.

Price for ALL 52 weekly lessons


Know Your Truth is a unique blend of intentional journaling, self-expression, and courageous writing. Each week, you’ll receive a new inner journey prompt direct to your inbox. Take your prompt into your journal and sit with it.
Quiet the outside world so you can hear the deeper voice within.
Reach into the parts of you that have been overlooked, ignored, or dismissed.
Stretch your energetic boundaries. Take up more space. And write your way to a place of satisfaction.
Poetry. Prose. Bullet points. Half-finished sentences.
Single words. S-p-a-c-e.
Jumping wildly from one idea to another. Zero structure. Full of typos and grammar funks!
Anything goes.
For this journaling quest, it’s not how well you can write that matters…
But how far you can reach into your creativity, honesty, authenticity, vulnerability, and fearless visibility.
If you allow yourself to ‘go there’ in your journal, you can expect insights that are potent, personal, profound, and powerful.
You may reclaim new reserves of confidence, Power, Alignment or magnetism.
You may shift your perspective,
Rewire a belief,
Even rewrite an outdated story…
The opportunities are limitless – because authentic writing inside a journal is a bountiful space of possibilities.
Enter the realm of personal elevation, evolution, and transformation with 52 guided activations?
What do you want to pay?

Price for ALL 52 weekly lessons


A gateway to your inner voice and wisdom that YOU control and lead.

A deeper relationship and connection with yourself.

Journaling adventures that take you somewhere meaningful and purposeful.

A guided pathway to uncover the secrets of your infinite heart.

 A practice to discover your innermost truths.

A catalyst to breakthroughs that open portal to a deeper awareness of SELF.

 A self-led portal for answers, clarity, guidance, and absolute KNOWING.

 The courage to KNOW yourself so you can architect a life that lifts your soul.

 To know who you are and what you really want – so you can live a deeply aligned and authentic life.

 And more…

Ready to explore your unique inner world to reconnect with your centre and claim a new sense of fullness? Choose what you want to pay and start your one-year journaling adventure today.

Price for ALL 52 weekly lessons

Georgina El Morshdy is the founder of Find Your YOU. She’s also a messaging mentor, intuitive writer, a creative muse, and host of the Writing Your Best Self podcast.

Georgina is passionate about using journaling as a catalyst for personal growth and a tool for sparking impact.

She believes that in this Age of the Individual Messenger, our individuality is one of the most potent tools we have for living an aligned, purposeful life and making a difference in the world.

Through her programmes, private coaching, and journaling tools, Georgina empowers impact-driven entrepreneurs, creatives, and visionaries to know themselves – so they can amplify their unique voice, vision, and vibe and share their aligned message with fearless visibility.

Georgina lives in Plymouth, UK, with her three children and husband. When she’s not message-making, she loves journaling, creating with her singing bowls, long walks by the ocean, and deep conversations that touch your soul.

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