Inner Journey Tools

You can be your own coach. Hidden inside is the knowledge, insight, and guidance to move through anything. This growing selection of inner journey tools connects you to your unique wisdom – so you can find your YOU, leverage your personal power, and expand into your SOULPrint. 
Now you can elevate your journaling, self-awareness, and self-discovery work with intention and ease. 

30 Questions To Your Message


A work-at-your-own-pace experience that takes you on a deep-dive journey to find your aligned, authentic message.
Thought-provoking questions that guide you to discover and own who you are in your message. 
Understand your blend of uniqueness and get clarity on who you want to BE inside your message. 
Cultivate the confidence to be more YOU in your content and stock up on stories to share and posts to write.
 Includes a Message Map tool to capture all your messaging insights in one place.

I Am Affirmations Journaling Tool

[Digital Download]

A journaling tool for strengthening the “I AM” statements you wish to integrate into your belief system.
Overcome the self-objections that stop you from believing an affirmation is true. 
Design the person you want to BE by exploring different ways of being. 
 Elevate your self-talk through repetition, autosuggestion, and facts. 
 Change your life by elevating who you choose to believe yourself to be.

101 Transformational Questions

[Digital Download]

“The questions you ask shape your life – because they direct your thoughts and thoughts become things.”
Powerful self-discovery questions are split into five deep-dive categories. 
 Elevate your journaling practice by exploring meaningful questions that take you somewhere. 
 Crack open your inner guidance and wisdom so you can coach yourself. 
 Focus your thought energy down meaningful avenues and put your subconscious to work.

52 List Journaling Prompts

[Digital Download]

A self-discovery tool for crafting worthwhile lists that deepen your sense of self. Prompts are split into four categories.
 Elevate your journaling practice with meaningful lists that move your life forward. 
 Dive effortlessly below surface level thinking to extract profound thoughts, wisdom, and ideas.
 Get to know yourself better with every list that you make. 
 Strengthen your creativity.

Storytelling Bundle For Sharing YOU

[Digital Download]

Spark inspired content creation with these two storytelling tools.
99 prompts for livestreams, stories, emails, blogs, and captions. Now it’s easier to share YOU.
11 story frameworks for building authority, connection, and visibility. 
Discover how to turn your life into engaging content that attracts your perfect WHO. 
✓  Inspiration to create an unfolding story of YOU across your social feeds and other content platforms.

Get Unstuck. Start Moving Collection

[Digital Download]

Root into what’s real so you can get unstuck, learn the lesson, and move forward with clarity, purpose, and power.
 Spend less time and energy stuck in a rut. Use these tools to find clarity in the chaos and keep moving.
 Reclaim your power and wisdom when you feel deflated or demotivated. 
 Tap into your wisest self and leverage that insight to remember who you really are. 
 Use self-awareness and journaling therapy techniques to shift your perspective fast.
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