Eleven Lessons From The Inner Journey

Eleven Lessons From The Inner Journey

Eleven Lessons From The Inner Journey

What is the inner Journey? 

[ When you change – the entire world changes because your perspective shift]

1. The inner work is the real work 

Your inner world is as vast and uncharted as the outside world. Your foundation within. Where you lay down strong roots from which can grow the magnificence of the life you’re here to live.

2. External validation is no compensation to the appreciation, love, and validation you can give yourself. 

If you’re always chasing feedback, confirmation, and reassurances from sources outside yourself, you’ll ALWAYS go hungry and will be left needing more.

3. It’s NOT selfish to prioritize your own needs.

When you honour and respect what lights you up and what energizes you, you have more to give. You can extinguish the entitlement and resentment, and instead serve others from a cup that’s isn’t full. 

Listen to those inner demands and requests. 

Don’t silence them or make them wrong. They are here to serve you.

4. You are wiser than you realise. 

There’s a part of you that knows. There’s a part of you that’s ready with the answer and the response you need to move forward. 

You might not like what it has to say – but what it has to say is true.

5. Trust the voice. 

You’re not making it up. It is real. It does have your best interest at heart. You are not alone. You have your back – and so does the universe.

6. There is a pattern and there’s a purpose in that pattern. 

There’s a thread that flows through everything. Nothing is an accident. Everything is valid and meaningful. Join up your dots and you’ll find a reason, a purpose – your WHY.

7. Self-awareness is powerful. 

The more you know yourself, the more power you have to create a life of your choice. Instead of changing direction with the breeze, you can manifest the life of your choosing. 

You can step up instead of falling in line.

8. Your lessons aren’t for you alone. 

The inner journey is confronting. You’ll encounter trauma, pain, and blocks along the way. Your enquiries will take you to the buried parts of your being. But beyond the pain is liberation as you embrace more YOU. The shadows may look scary but they disappear with the light.

Plus, you’ll emerge the other side stronger and wiser… having figured out how to navigate and move through a challenge. 

This is how your inner journey empowers and informs your outer expression. Your journey helps you  own your voice so you can show up as YOU in a world of judgement, frequent change, and rapid pace. 

Remember, you have a piece of someone else’s jigsaw. Share it. 

9. You are the coach/ guide/mentor/master. 

You are the one you’ve been looking for. 

You can find a way through.

You can decide the next steps. 

You can figure out your strategy. 

You can take inspired action. 

You can be fearlessly visible. 

You can find the answers you seek. 

You can create the life you want.  

You can inspire and empower yourself to move forward with courage, curiosity, and creativity. 

You just have to believe it.

10. You CAN change. 

You can drop the outdated stories, old paradigms, and restricting beliefs that have kept you in a box. You can take up more space. You can expand. You do have more capacity. The perspective that served you then may not serve you now. You can rewrite your past to a new perspective that transforms your future. You are a meaning-making machine. You apply the meaning to events and situations in your life. 


11. The journey NEVER ends. 

There is no fixed destination in this game of life. 

This isn’t a race. It’s an experience. 

Life is a place for you to explore what it means to be a spiritual being having a physical experience. It’s a space to learn. To play. To take risks and try things out. To follow your heart. To make mistakes. To FEEL. To express your truth and see how far your edges can stretch. 

There’s an INFINITE amount of options to pick from and plenty of paths to walk. 

Which is why the inner journey is one that never has to stop – until your soul leaves this physical body. Instead, the inner journal is a spiral of growth and evolution that can go deep and far… whatever YOU decide. 

I create this so that:

  1. You remember how much your voice matters.
  2. You’re inspired to dig deeper into your message, get creative with your content, and keep showing up with fearless visibility.

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