How To Live A Deep-Dive Life

How To Live A Deep-Dive Life

How To Live A Deep-Dive Life

Right now, it’s harder to live a deep-dive life. Our modern society isn’t set up to promote such a lifestyle. I read recently that the attention span of a human is now 8.25 seconds. That’s less than the 9 seconds managed by a goldfish, and a significant decline from the 12 seconds measured in 2000 [before Smartphones]. 

I was shocked by these stats, but I understand them. We’re in an age of information overload and overwhelm. Virtually everything you’ve ever wanted to know is just a couple of clicks away. There’s just so much of it, we can’t take it all in. 

Coupled with fast-moving, ever-changing social media timelines and you can see why we lack the time or headspace to give stuff more than a quick cursory glance. Instead, we spend hours scrolling, reading headlines, and sharing memes! 

But it is a problem. 

If we only ever scratch the surface of anything, how well do we really know it? 

If we’ve only read the headline, a tweet, or a random Insta post, do we really understand the complexities of it?

The superficiality of everyday life goes beyond external circumstances and situations.

It impacts the extent to which you do the inner work and get to know yourself better too. 

I get it. We’re busy, bombarded, and overwhelmed. Our to-do lists never shrink and there’s always something more important pushing for our attention. 

But surface-level living is never going to be as satisfying as the experience you get from going deep. 

That’s why I’m an advocate for deeper living 

I love thinking 3, 5, 15 levels deep. 

I love disappearing down tangents to uncover insights and wisdom that were previously hidden. 

I love asking the questions that feel uncomfortable – but in the process of answering them help you reclaim a part of yourself that was previously overlooked. 

I LOVE living a deeper life – and it’s a life that my journal helps me to explore. 

Keep reading and I’ll show you how…

What does it mean to live a deep-dive life? 

A deeper life is a commitment to look beyond the obvious and the surface-level stuff. 

It’s a commitment to not take things at face value and instead be open to the possibility that something else might be lurking in the depths. 

It’s a decision to ask those left of field questions. To get curious about the whys and the wherefores, and to challenge the things that don’t feel right.

A deeper life is a commitment to sit with your feelings and emotions – however difficult that may be. 

It’s a curiosity to understand why things happen the way that they do. 

It’s a hunger for conversations that go beyond small talk about the weather and sports! 

The deeper life is also a more intentional life… a life where you make deliberate, considered choices about who you want to be – and what you want to do and have. 

When you’re deliberate in your choices, you recognise the autopilot decisions more easily. PLUS you’re able to figure out why you do what you do – and also what’s keeping you from shifting to something new. 

The deeper life is gritty, meaty, confronting, misunderstood – but oh so rewarding because of the prize at hand. 

And that prize is a deeper understanding of who you are – which ultimately leads to a more loving and empowering relationship with yourself. 

Love yourself, trust yourself, BE yourself

Think about it… If you don’t understand yourself, it’s a little like trying to operate a complex machine without the instruction book! You might make random things happen by pressing a certain combination of buttons, but if you don’t know how the machine works, would you be able to replicate the results [good and bad!]

The more you know yourself, the better handle you have on life – because that way, you are in more control of the machine that is YOU 💪

It’s an important point… 

Neuroscientists believe that around 97% of the brain’s activity is SUBCONSCIOUS. In other words, a BIG chunk of your life runs on autopilot because of your routines, habits, and belief systems. While some of this automation will serve you, a lot won’t [hands up if you ever get in your own way!!] 

The deeper life will empower you to pull away some of the layers that keep you from your true self. 

From figuring out why you can’t ditch unhelpful behaviours to understanding the reason something super simple triggered something big, the deeper life can help you do the inner processing and emotional excavations that help you get answers. 

The more you know yourself, the more control you have over your life 

The deeper life will also connect you with your inner wisdom and help you unlock those crazy ideas and insights that might actually go somewhere. 

Curiosity is a tool that can help you navigate life in the deep end. Lose yourself in your imagination as you meander through your thoughts, make new connections, uncover lessons, and insights, and make greater sense of your life. 

Cultivate a deep-dive life in with your journal 

Journaling is a tool that empowers you to cut below the surface by peeling away the coverings and protections that you’ve accumulated over the years. 

Every hurt, rejection, criticism, failure – all these things cloud your understanding of who you really are.

The right questions – answered in your journal – will crack you open and give you access to the deeper YOU that’s waiting underneath. 

Remember, ALL the good stuff lies under the surface 🔥

Layered conversations that empower you to dive into the shadows and dust out those hidden gems. 

Life is NOT superficial! 

Your journal gives you the space to explore the deeper meaning behind things. 

A single question can easily expand into pages of words as your heart breaks open and reveals itself on the page. PLUS because your journal is your private space where anything goes, you don’t have to hold back. 

You can write the ridiculous and the radical. 

You can explore the crazy and cohesive. 

You can express the anger and the elation. 

You can ‘go there’ without limits or restrictions – and get clarity on who you really are. 

Remember, you are so much more than a 140 character twitter update or a moment in time captured on Instagram. 

You are years of experience rolled towards this point in time 

You’re a river of emotions and memories captured in your heart

You’re a connection to the infinite intelligence

You’re a melting pot of thoughts and the seed of ideas that could change the world

You ARE deep – so live deep 🔥

I create this so that:

  1. You remember how much your voice matters.
  2. You’re inspired to dig deeper into your message, get creative with your content, and keep showing up with fearless visibility.

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