The Six Elements Of Fearless Visibility

The Six Elements Of Fearless Visibility

The six elements of fearless visibility

One of the most potent things we can do for ourselves and our work is to be seen and heard for who we really are. This potency requires Fearless Visibility – the courage to show up fully despite our perceived imperfections, quirks, and ‘weirdness’.

I believe Fearless Visibility is a quest, a path, and a decision – because most of us weren’t raised to embrace and love our full selves. Instead, we were raised to seek external validation, and so the inner critic ran rampant. 

No more… 

It’s time to REMEMBER that who you are is EXACTLY who you need to be to flourish in your life’s work. It’s time to reclaim your truest essence, and allow your uniqueness to become a light in the world. 

It’s time to activate the six elements of Fearless Visibility, so you can be MORE of who you already are.  

Here’s how…

Element 1. CONFIDENCE. 

The first element of Fearless Visibility is confidence – the ability to stand tall, speak up, and express your true personality.

I saw Adele in concert a few years ago. She was magnificent. I’ve noticed a pattern with world-class performers who feel secure in their talent… they’re effortless and easy to watch. It’s a stark contrast to a performer who’s awkward or shy. You see this on shows such as X-Factor. When the performer isn’t comfortable, the audience isn’t either. It’s impossible to sit back and be in the moment because you’re worried for the performer! 

It’s similar for us New Paradigm Messengers. When we lack confidence, we don’t make it easy for people to hear us – because they can’t feel our fullness. They sense our doubts and reservations. It’s palpable.

“When you’re confident in what you do, who you are, and what you have to say, others feed off that confidence.”

Fearless visibility invites you to be unapologetic with your natural expression; let it shine through. Infused with confidence, you’ll elevate your message – AND your audience.  

Element 2. CONSISTENCY. 

Consistency is sparked by a commitment to be fearlessly visible with your truth. 

Are you showing up in a consistent way so the right people know who you are, how you can help, and why you’re best placed to serve them?

Are you in people’s inboxes and social feeds enough for them to trust that you’re not going to disappear if they choose to work with you? 

Do you have a rhythm to your visibility and presence? 

Consistency was a piece of the Fearlessly Visible puzzle I missed for a long time. I’d be everywhere and then drop into radio silence. My presence was on and off, which meant anytime I got momentum, I’d cut it off and have to start again from scratch. 

It frustrated me and I knew I had to do differently. 

I made new commitments, and I took my consistency to a new level with my 365 Facebook Live challenge (which also dissolved my fears of speaking live). I now send out The Weekly Muse each Friday and I post on social media regularly. I also publish a weekly podcast at Writing Your Best Self

Designing a routine for showing up consistently is a powerful way to hold yourself accountable to your visibility desires. But that’s not all… A commitment to consistency also kickstarts the compound effect, which feeds the exponential growth curve.

It’s a game-changer. 


As authenticity is a buzzword, it’s helpful to explore what the word actually means. Here are some definitions. 


Being more YOU – your true self. 

Expressing more of what’s really inside. 

Showing up as if no one is watching. 

Revealing the YOU who shows up when you’re free from the fear of rejection, criticism, or judgment.

Practicing authenticity is a challenge because it’s tough to express your true self – especially when you have a back-story laced with rejection and criticism. Sometimes our authenticity is hidden under layers of beliefs that kept us safe for stories that kept us small, or values we felt we needed rather than ones we really wanted. 

Message-making is a powerful process for cultivating authenticity. 

The quest to Find Your YOU, guides you on an inner journey to know who you really are. Not just the superficial stuff, but what’s under the surface.

When you find it and claim it, the essence and presence of your message shift completely. It’s magic. 

Element 4. AUTHORITY. 

Your personality and ‘YOUness’ is a magnet because YOU have a frequency that resonates with a particular sort of human. However, personality alone isn’t enough to do your soul’s work. Your work needs substance – and this is where the authority piece comes in.

You have to know your stuff. You must know your areas of expertise and OWN your ability to walk this lane. 

Some areas that can boost authority include:

  • Credentials 
  • Proven experience
  • A methodology 
  • Client results 
  • Your results

Be sure to weave these aspects into your Fearless Visibility. They help elevate people’s confidence in you. 


It’s one thing to share a proven curriculum. It’s another to share your personal stories, philosophies, vision, and ideas. 

Before I came online, I worked as a post 16 teacher. I loved it. What’s more, I’d think nothing of standing up in the classroom and empowering students to master techniques and expand their body of knowledge. 

So why did it feel so different being visible online? 

The short answer is I didn’t have to share ME back in the classroom. I could hide behind other people’s wisdom and credentials. My ideas weren’t up for investigation in the same way that they are now. 

Sharing YOU is confronting. Can you handle all eyes on you? Can you be seen and heard for who you really are? 

  • What happens when you get knocked down? 
  • What if people don’t react or respond to what you have to say? 
  • What if no one engages or comments?
  • What if no one watches? 
  • What if you have haters? 

How do you hold yourself in the space of Fearless Visibility? Can you still show up as you if you get knocked down? Can you still stay committed to your message and your vision if everyone else seems to tune out?

Or do you make it mean something about you and decide to hit mute – convincing yourself that  radio silence is probably the better option?

Fearless Visibility means cultivating the resilience to dust yourself off and reclaim your power when things don’t go as you’d like. It’s the trust to believe in yourself and your message enough that you’ll come back, even if you get knocked down. 

If you make it through the tough times, you’ll get stronger in the process – and learn through the experience as well.

Element 6. SELF-LOVE. 

Maybe the most important element of them all, is self-love.

If you believe you’re worthy, know your message matters, understand your voice needs to be heard, and trust your soul’s work, you can do anything. 

Self-love gives you the strength to move through setbacks and stay committed to your path. 

“Reminder, your message is your unique gift to the world,

and your greatest personal growth catalyst.”

This journey of Fearless Visibility and message-making is infused with an elevation of self-love. Because to put yourself our there in the way that your soul requests, requires you to expand and evolve the way you feel about yourself. 

Self-love empowers you to trust that what you have to give is enough… that it’s EXACTLY what you came here to give. It’s an invitation to heal comparisonitis and KNOW that you are perfect – just as you are. 

Others may be more successful than you, but your message and work is still valuable. 

Others may be prettier than you, but your message and work is still valuable. 

Others may be wealthier than you, but your message and work is still valuable. 

Others may be more experienced than you, but your message and work is still valuable. 

Others may be more magnetic than you, but your message and work is still valuable.  

The comparison trap is deadly! I lost a LOT of energy and confidence worrying that I wouldn’t make it – because I wasn’t enough like ‘them’. 

But here’s what I learned…

NO ONE else has what I have (in the same way that no one else has what you’ve got). We are ALL unique. We can all access our ‘YOU’ as a gateway and catalyst to do the work we came here to do. 

When we’re Fearlessly Visible with this truth, it doesn’t matter if there are other people talking about similar things. 

There will ALWAYS be space for you – because it’s not all been said until you’ve said it TOO. 

It’s why we’ve got to own our YOUness and feel into the power of it. There’s real freedom and liberation in leveraging ALL of who you are to create the life, income, and impact you’ve always desired. 

So let your journey let Your quest for Fearless Visibility be a quest that deepens your level of self-acceptance and self-love. It will take you a l-o-n-g way.

Do the work. 

To close, I’d love to give you a journaling prompt to think over. This prompt will help you integrate what you’ve read in this article. 

1. Rate each Fearless Visible element out of 10. 

2. Explore what it would take for you to elevate your score. 

And if you desire more question prompts to expand your work by taking you closer to your YOU, I recommend Know Your Truth. This powerful course delivers a deep-dive question direct to your inbox every week for a year. 

Let the weekly questions guide you to fresh insights so you can express more YOU in everything you do.

I create this so that:

  1. You remember how much your voice matters.
  2. You’re inspired to dig deeper into your message, get creative with your content, and keep showing up with fearless visibility.

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