Why A Daily Writing Practice Benefits Your Content Creation [And How To Do It.]

Why A Daily Writing Practice Benefits Your Content Creation [And How To Do It.]

Why A Daily writing practice

Content is currency so if you enjoy writing and you have a daily writing practice, you instantly have an edge — because it means you have the desire and skills necessary to get your message ‘out there’. 

But what if you hate writing? What if it brings you out in a cold sweat as you relive nightmares of that awful English teacher who criticised everything?  

Good news! 

Content creation doesn’t have the same rules as those dreaded English essays that made you lose sleep. Instead, it can be a creative and expressive process, which you CAN make work for you.

Yup, even if writing is not your thing. 

It’s why I encourage you to figure out how you can turn your writing from a chore into a pleasure. [Trust me, it’s IS possible]. When you get yourself into a flow, there’s soooooo much to be gained from cultivating a daily writing practice — and I want all those advantages for you too 🙂 

So keep reading because I want to show you FOUR powerful ways that daily writing could become your new superpower (if you let it!) 

It’s writing… but not as you know it!  

1. Spark conversations with your ‘Perfect WHO’ 

These days, so much selling happens online — without looking like a sales conversation at all. 

It’s what your content does best. It enables you to be visible, spark conversations, add value, and show the right people how you can help them. 

This is why minimal or inconsistent content creation can be a problem: 

  • If you don’t have a presence, how can your audience know you enough to buy from you? 
  • How can they know you’re the one to help? 
  • How can they learn about your offers and your services? 

Regular content allows you to show up and play a valuable role in your audience’s lives. Through your content, you get to inspire, entertain, and inform them. You empower the people you can best serve to find answers, take action and move forward. 

In other words, showing up every day means you get to make an impact every day. 

It’s why it feels good to write regularly — so you have the material you need to spark those meaningful conversations — and then keep the conversation going. 

2. Deepen your content.

If you’re only showing up when you have something to launch or something to sell, you’re not going to win in the age of social selling. 

People don’t want to be sold to. Instead, they want the information and confidence necessary to choose for themselves. 

^ Content does that. 

Because the sale itself is just the climax. 

To get to that point you need a whole lot of love, attention, patience, and care. This is where a lot of people go mute — because THEY HAVEN’T A CLUE WHAT THEY NEED TO SAY TO BE CONVERSATIONAL AND USEFUL! 

But write every day and you’ll NEVER be at a loss for words. 

That’s because you’ll give yourself the time and space to explore those tangents, peel off the layers of thought, and uncover related and unusual topics to talk about. 

Daily writing keeps your creativity flowing. 

It inspires and empowers you to keep discovering new things to say. 

It keeps your presence and your profile fresh. 

And it helps you show up for the abundance and impact you crave. 

3. Create a powerful daily habit

To start with, daily writing will probably feel like a big ugly chore — especially if it’s a practice that’s outside your comfort zone. You may draw a blank when you sit down to write. You may be over judgemental and critical of the words that flow onto the page. 

You’ll probably want to give up because it feels like so much effort! But it’s a pain you’ll be familiar with, right? 

After all, every time you go to start a new habit that’s outside your comfort zone, that discomfort shows up — at first. But stick at it daily and before long you’ll create a habit that feels as natural and cleaning your teeth!

And that’s when you really get the payback…

When a practice becomes a habit, it’s more likely to happen. In fact, you can get to the point where it feels wrong not to happen. Plus, when a habit happens on autopilot, it takes less brain energy and motivation to make it so. 

Imagine how you’ll feel when daily writing is such an integral part of your identity, that you don’t even have to think about it.


You’ll clock up the words, sharpen your skills, and get more and more value from the beautiful act of putting your thoughts onto paper. 

4. Unlock your truth with a daily writing practice

I used to think content creation was all about business. That it was a process that would help me market myself and my services so I could grow my company. 

And of course, it is. Content does lay the foundations that make selling easier. Content does boost your visibility and elevate your ‘know, like, trust’ factor. 

But as I got better at sharing more personal content [i.e. more of myself and my ideas] I realised that content is about so much more than selling. 


When you write to explore your truth, uncover your stories, and capture your philosophies, you dive deeper into your heart and soul:

  • In doing so, you join up the dots of your life. 
  • You process thoughts and feelings. 
  • You get clearer on who you really are. 

The clearer you get, the more capacity you have to act. The braver you become. The wiser you sound. 

In other words, unlock your YOU and you get to show up with more richness, impact, and passion. 

Unlock your YOU and you take your content creation to a new level entirely — because you can own and talk about what really matters. 

It’s how daily writing becomes a vessel for healing and self-expression — as well as a tool for business growth. 

How to cultivate your daily writing practice

The simple answer is to START TODAY! 

All you need is a pen and notebook [or a laptop] and some protected time. Time that you’ll devote to exploring content ideas and getting words out of your head and onto paper [or the screen.]

You don’t have to write for hours and you don’t have to be a star writer. You don’t even need to publish everything you write. In fact, I’d recommend you DON’T write with the intention of publishing everything as this gives you the safe space to dive deeper into your thoughts and philosophies so you can discover new directions for your content to go. 

When it’s writing time, you just have to get curious… 

Get curious to discover what beauty, genius, and insight spills out of you when you create that space to write. The Intentional Journaling Toolkit contains plenty of prompts to help. 

Daily writing can be a game-changer for you and your business. 


What you have to say has the power to change the conversation and create a brighter future — for yourself and your perfect who.

So keep wielding that pen daily and use it to explore and show up with your truth. It’s how you’ll create more abundance, impact, and full self-expression.

I create this so that:

  1. You remember how much your voice matters.
  2. You’re inspired to dig deeper into your message, get creative with your content, and keep showing up with fearless visibility.

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