The Content Amplifier

In this age of information abundance, WHO YOU ARE is just as important as what you know. Your perfect clients aren’t looking for answers alone. They’re deciding WHO they want to learn from and work with.

Inspired content can effortlessly attract your perfect clients and create the message-momentum that builds your business.

Content creation helps you grow too – by guiding you to deepen your message and unlock new insights and ideas to share with your audience.

So if you’re excited to spark your creativity, explore your message from new angles, and craft 21 incredible pieces of client-attracting content, the Content Amplifier is for YOU.

Investment £111.

Sharyn Testimonial
You’ll love the Content Amplifier if you want to:
✅ Be fearlessly visible with your stories and uniqueness.
✅ Express your brand’s soul-voice.
✅ Spend less time wondering what to write and more time exploring prompts that go somewhere new.
✅ Inspire deeper talk with the people you are here to serve.
✅ Take your message to the next level by creating content you’ve not thought about before.
✅ Embrace authentic storytelling to share more of your voice, vision, and vibe.
✅ Build a more consistent habit of content creation.
✅ And more…

Build Your Presence. Stretch Your Ideas. Sharpen Your Creativity.

The Content Amplifer will get you inspired by your content by guiding you on a journey that’s as much for you as it is for your engagement.

Each of the 21 prompts will crack something open, guide you to think deeper, and connect you to the voice within that has potency to share.

If you’re a creative, a visionary leader or an impact-driven entrepreneur,
you’ll love where this journey leads.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Daily prompts inspiring 21 pieces of unique content.

  • A deeper dive into YOU, your message, business, vision, and offerings. 

  • An invitation to take creative risks. Try new things. Make new connections. 

  • Opportunities to explore different ways to get your message out there. 

  • Tips and techniques for writing intuitively – in your unique voice.

  • A splash of accountability to help you create a consistent habit of content creation! 

  • Plenty of inspiration to spark your creativity.

Plus, it’s my intention to build a community of people doing impactful work who desire to connect and engage with each other’s content.

Susanne Testitmonial

A few things to note: 

  • There’s no pressure to respond to all the prompts. You’re free to work to your own pace and creative rhythm. 
  • The ‘work’ will be lighter at the weekends! 
  • We’re running from 29th Nov – 19th Dec [so we finish before Christmas week].
Lisa Testimonial
If you’re ready to finish 2021 with a content-fuelled high, come join the amplifier. Together, we’ll elevate your unique voice, vision, and vibe.
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