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Leveraging Your Gifts In Your Business

Question. Is it ‘OK’ to get paid for something that feels easy for you?  I’ve had this conversation with lots of people over the years. I think it stems from the capitalist adage that working hard is the secret to material wealth and success.  Think about it, how often was that mantra drummed into us?!…
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The Three Vs of Aligned Message-Making

This is the Age of the Individual Messenger where your words have power, your voice has influence, and your way of being sparks magic.  Your message is your unique gift to the world, and your greatest personal growth catalyst.  No wonder it feels like turning the valve on a pressure cooker when you finally figure…
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What I Learned From Going LIVE On Facebook Every Day For A Year

Inspired by Melanie Ann Layer, I decided to take on the Facebook Live 365 challenge. And I did it! I finished my year of lives on 9th October 2021 – my birthday!  This is what I learned… 1. IT WAS DEFINITELY WORTH IT – FOR ME. Rewind 12 months, and the woman you saw online…
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