The Three Vs of Aligned Message-Making

This is the Age of the Individual Messenger where your words have power, your voice has influence, and your way of being sparks magic.  Your message is your unique gift to the world, and your greatest personal growth catalyst.  No wonder it feels like turning the valve on a pressure cooker when you finally figure…
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What I Learned From Going LIVE On Facebook Every Day For A Year

Inspired by Melanie Ann Layer, I decided to take on the Facebook Live 365 challenge. And I did it! I finished my year of lives on 9th October 2021 – my birthday!  This is what I learned… 1. IT WAS DEFINITELY WORTH IT – FOR ME. Rewind 12 months, and the woman you saw online…
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How to journal for impact

How To Journal For Impact

If you’re passionate about making a positive difference in the world and you want clarity on what you can do, I recommend you journal for impact. Let me explain why… I believe we’re living in pivotal times. I know this sounds extreme, but I often wonder if we’re navigating the crossroads of collective evolution or…
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An ODE To YOUR Message

An Ode To YOUR Message

Your message is an invitation to deepen into the truth of who YOU are.  The more you explore your message… And the words you came here to speak… The more you SEE yourself. The more you KNOW yourself. The more you EVOLVE yourself.  Your message is calling you to reclaim the parts of you that…
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Why A Daily writing practice

Why A Daily Writing Practice Benefits Your Content Creation [And How To Do It.]

Content is currency so if you enjoy writing and you have a daily writing practice, you instantly have an edge — because it means you have the desire and skills necessary to get your message ‘out there’.  But what if you hate writing? What if it brings you out in a cold sweat as you…
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Five Reflective journaling practices

5 Reflective Journaling Practices To Explore Today

Reflective journaling practices are a powerful technique for sparking the inner work that takes you back to your truth 💕  I love to journal – I have for years. I love the opportunity to explore the tangents and contours of my mind in a drive to learn more about who I really am.  It’s why…
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The Spiritual Art Of Evolving

The Spiritual Art Of Evolving Through Deep-Dive Questions

I was sitting on the veranda of our rented log cabin in Spain when the insight hit me. Engrossed in The Master Key System by Charles F. Hannel, I stumbled upon a quote about deep-dive questions that I’ve not stopped thinking about since.  That quote was this… “Questions are spiritual searchlights.”  I love the idea that…
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The six elements of fearless visibility

The Six Elements Of Fearless Visibility

One of the most potent things we can do for ourselves and our work is to be seen and heard for who we really are. This potency requires Fearless Visibility – the courage to show up fully despite our perceived imperfections, quirks, and ‘weirdness’. I believe Fearless Visibility is a quest, a path, and a…
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40 Journaling Quotes

40 Journaling Quotes That Activate A Desire To Write

“As a practice, journaling empowers you to empty your mind, elevate your creativity, and know yourself at the deepest of levels.”– Georgina El Morshdy Here are THREE things I wish everyone knew about message-making.  1. You have something infinitely powerful to say because of who you are and what you’ve experienced. It’s not all been…
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The Unexpected Benefits

The Unexpected Benefits Of Gratitude Journaling

Includes a Downloadable PDF of 25 Gratitude Journaling Prompts One of the magical benefits of journaling is it can transform the way you feel. Writing out your thoughts and feelings alchemises the energy into something different. You might feel less cluttered and chaotic; you might create clarity or spark curiosity. You may also feel inspired…
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