Leveraging Your Gifts In Your Business

Leveraging Your Gifts In Your Business

Question. Is it ‘OK’ to get paid for something that feels easy for you? 

I’ve had this conversation with lots of people over the years. I think it stems from the capitalist adage that working hard is the secret to material wealth and success. 

Think about it, how often was that mantra drummed into us?! Work hard, and you can have anything you want! 

I get it. There’s a certain sort of satisfaction that comes from doing hard things. We grow through this approach too. You can’t stay in your comfort zone when doing hard stuff. Instead, you’re forced to dig deep, and in turn, you activate dormant strengths and capabilities. 

However, there’s a dark side to our productivity and work-hard culture. Burnout is common among high-achievers as is a failure to prioritise the things that matter most (such as family and relationships). 

A work-hard ethic can cause you to overlook or downplay your natural gifts and skills too.

Can you justify charging for something that feels fun, easy, and effortless?  

Looking back, I’m sure my ‘work hard’ mindset helps explain my struggle to acknowledge, value, and monetise the things I’m naturally good at. 

Space holding is a perfect example of this…

As a skill, space holding can feel intangible. What it is, exactly? But when I reflect on my career as a professional writer, I know my ability to create and hold space explains why message extraction always felt instinctive to me. 

I have a gift for getting on the same page as another person – quickly. I instinctively know how to ask the right questions at the right time. What’s more, my attention and accepting energy make it easy for people to share openly. 

Therefore, when I sit with people, they:

  • Gain clarity through conversation 
  • Think out loud and create new ideas in the process 
  • Have breakthroughs as they explore their thoughts, feelings, and stories
  • See parts of themselves anew as I mirror them back
  • Gain confidence in the things they wanted to talk about publicly
  • Take risks with their expression, vulnerability, and authenticity
  • Reclaim MORE of who they already are

I love that I have this skill because I LOVE the types of conversations I’m able to have. I always learn something, and I always feel inspired or moved afterward. 

But I’ve often felt the dilemma — 

Can you justify charging for something that feels fun, effortless, and even easy? 

The journey to honour yourself

I’ve had to work hard on my discomfort about acknowledging my strengths. 

The younger me was frequently accused of bragging or being a ‘big head’ because I was good at school! I don’t think I was as intolerable as the critics implied (eek!!) I’ve just always enjoyed academics and studying! Perhaps you can relate?

It took a journey to feel confident enough to label my space-holding skills an asset. It took courage to say, “I’m good at this,” and even more courage to believe I could charge for it!

The client testimonials helped! It becomes harder to deny the ‘truth’ when people consistently give you the same feedback! 

I’m glad I stopped relegating my natural space-holding gifts to a side-show of my copywriting work. They belong centre-stage because they are one of my USPs.

This journey of self-acknowledgment got me thinking…

What if our best, most impactful, and inspired work 

happens when we leverage and own our inherent skills? 

I’m not saying we don’t have to work hard (there’s value in that approach). 

I’m suggesting it’s possible to create an income and impact by doing (and being) the things we love – and – dare I say it – find easy. 

With this possibility in mind, what feels fun, natural, and easy for you?

How can you incorporate this aspect of BEING or DOING into your work? 

And how can you share this aspect as part of your aligned message? 

You can discover the answer to this question (and more) when you commit to finding your YOU. 

The inner journey to outer impact

What if the act of owning and using our unique gifts in service ignites reciprocity?

What if there’s a correlation between being more YOU and the abundance you attract and the impact you make? 

If these statements hold true, it means there’s a correlation between the success of your business and your ability to:

SEE yourself 

KNOW yourself

SHOW yourself and 

EVOLVE yourself. 

If you activate your best work when you embrace YOU, it follows that inner work is crucial to our growth, our community contribution, and the footprint we leave on the planet. 

I believe the message you’re best placed to share is your greatest personal growth catalyst — as well as your unique gift to the world

For me, there’s a hint of perfection in this statement. 

I’m inspired by the notion that our Aligned Messages can help us evolve as individuals and, in the process, create a legacy that’s good for the planet & its people.  

This path through life requires introspection, a desire to heal ourselves, and radical honesty about the wake you leave as you walk. 

After all, many of us are still exploring the bigger questions about life.

How can we come to a place where we love and accept ourselves, 

How can we live a beautiful life that leaves no regrets,

That incorporates our inherent gifts and soul purpose,

While recognising our privileges,  

Challenging inequality, 

Decolonising our minds, 

Advocating for social justice and climate justice,

And standing for a world that works for more people, 

where the collective good matters more than the wealth of an individual. 

These big questions ask us to put ourselves under loving scrutiny. 

(I don’t have all the answers, but I’m working on it.)

These questions ask us to be radically honest about the things we say and the lifestyle we inspire. 

For this reason, the work of activating your Aligned Message, 

Is a journey that can guide and inspire your life time. 

Because it’s a constant reminder of who you are.

An asset for living a life you love, 

And a way to leave a positive wake for others while showing reverence and respect for Mother Earth. 

Deep-dive living

I invite you to cultivate a deeper dialogue with these types of questions. 

Invite a connection with the wise, wild, untamed YOU.

Make your connection with this inner voice a sacred practice. 

Talk to her in your journal. 

Hear what she has to say. 

Surface her wisdom.

Let her help you distinguish between the whispers of your soul – and the entrapment of capitalism and consumerism.  

Let each conversation remind you who you really are [and what you came here to do]. 

I create this so that:

  1. You remember how much your voice matters.
  2. You’re inspired to dig deeper into your message, get creative with your content, and keep showing up with fearless visibility.

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