Since 2011, Georgina El Morshdy has helped impact-driven entrepreneurs, creators, and visionaries unlock their message and establish their thought-leadership through products, course creation, and the written word.

Georgina has been published on Copyblogger and Talk Business and has ghostwritten articles that have featured on sites such as Entrepreneur.com and Forbes.

She’s also the host of BestSelf Co’s. Writing Your Best Self podcast – a weekly show that inspires deep-dive living through introspection, reflection, and journaling.

Georgina’s special talent is creating a sacred, non-judgemental space that guides you to tap into your heart and soul.

By listening on multiple levels, Georgina is able to get inside your head and under your skin (in a good way!) She knows what questions to ask to inspire a deep dive into your inner wisdom so you can unlock your truth and make an impact through who you are and what you know.

When she’s not musing, writing, creating, or journaling, Georgina is passionate about personal development, the inner journey, and fearless self-expression. She loves soul-deep conversations, long walks by the beach, spontaneity, and crazy adventures.

She’s also a proud mum to the three incredible ‘A’s and wife to the beautiful man she met in 2005 when travelling through Egypt.

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