The Five Secrets of Message Momentum

The Five Secrets of Message Momentum

Whose voice are you listening to? 

That’s the risk of being a consumer.

If you’re constantly looking to see what others are doing, there’s less space to figure out what you think.  

And what you have to say is important. That’s because your beliefs shape your identity and your sense of self. 

What you believe (and what you don’t) will determine the person that you are. 

It’s why content creation is so important. 

Not just to grow your business (although that is a top priority), but also so you can figure out YOU. 

It’s easy to think that you have nothing to say, but that’s not true. There’s so much you can share that goes beyond the obvious and the superficial. 

🌟 What’s really in your heart? 

🌟 What cause do you want to make a stand for? 

🌟 What idea do you want to promote that could make a meaningful difference?

Tap into these types of questions ^^^ and then turn your ideas into content. 

Be the one shaping the conversation rather than the one reacting to it. That way, you get to take back control over the influences in your mind. 


Decide to leverage the incredible opportunities available to inspire, inform, and serve your people.

Ask yourself whether you’re sharing enough! 

I get it. 

Content creation takes time. It’s hard when inspiration doesn’t strike. You doubt what you have to say – especially when it feels like everything has been said before. 

But when your business goes mute, it can’t grow. 

Instead, it stagnates – even goes backward. 


I want to help you fix that problem. 

Here are FIVE TIPS that will help you build the message momentum that makes an impact. 

1. Make publishing a non-negotiable.

I always make my bed in the morning. I always clean my teeth at night. I always have a client call at 5pm on a Thursday afternoon. 

These are just a few examples of rituals that are set in stone. I don’t question them, I just do them. 

You need to get to the same point with your content creation. 

Make it a part of who you are – something you do on a daily or weekly basis (whatever works best for your workflow). Put content as a task on your to-do list. Schedule it into your daily planner. Protect content creation as an essential business activity, and it will get done. 

2. Leverage the compound effect of consistency. 

Earlier this year, I got into a beautiful habit where I’d power walk for 30 minutes after the school run. I lost weight, felt so much healthier, and had more energy. I didn’t get these results overnight. Instead, they happened gradually as I took consistent action. [And as soon as I stopped, all those benefits vanished.]

It’s the same with your content (and just about everything else in life). 

Going all in every now and again just won’t cut it. 

You need to be part of the ongoing conversation, and that means posting regularly, routinely, and consistently. 

So trust the process – even if it feels like tumbleweed in the beginning. Commit to the long haul and see how your impact grows with time. 

3. Repurpose your content 

Top quality content takes time to create (just as it should). But you don’t need to start from scratch every time you sit at your desk. 

Instead, repurpose. 

Pull key points from your blog and turn them into Facebook posts. Extract soundbites from your podcasts and turn them into graphics or tweets. Turn high-performing social posts into emails. 

It’s not cheating to re-work and re-use something – it’s efficient.  

4. Find your zone 

You don’t have to be an incredible writer to share great written content. You may be at your most inspired and impactful when you speak. If so, start recording yourself and get it transcribed. 

You may create your best content when you’re scribbling away in your journal – free of the pressure of writing for an audience. 

You may come out with your most powerful insights when someone is interviewing you. 

There is more than one way to get your genius into the written word. So don’t let that fear of not being able to write hold you back. We all have our way. Find it and run with it – even if it doesn’t feel conventional. 

5. Dig into what’s holding you back 

Your content is a way to build your ‘know, like, trust’ factor. It’s an activity that sows the seeds for profitable conversations further down the line. It opens doors, it consolidates what you believe, and it positions you as someone who has expertise. 

It’s why writing is such a valuable activity to invest in.

So if you’re hitting some resistance, find out why. If you’re struggling with consistency or inspiration, get curious. 

Do the inner work. 

Dive into introspection and figure out the fears and limiting beliefs that prevent you from sharing your message. 

It’s the hard work that makes everything else so much easier. 


The written word is a beautiful gift. 

So use it 😊

Turn what you know into content that has value and allow message momentum to amplify your impact on the world. 

Which of these tips will you try?

I create this so that:

  1. You remember how much your voice matters.
  2. You’re inspired to dig deeper into your message, get creative with your content, and keep showing up with fearless visibility.

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