30 Questions To Your Aligned Message

The answer can be straightforward…
Prove you have the skills, experience, and expertise to support their journey.  
While giving them an authentic insight into who you really are. 
In other words, Aligned Message-Making is personal. 
The message you are best placed to share doesn’t live in predictable templates and it won’t sound right delivered in someone else’s style. It shouldn’t be reduced to predictable buzzwords and copy hacks that create an itch to scratch, evoke fake scarcity, or rely on FOMO.
Instead, Aligned Message Making is a process of introspection and self-discovery (something I call Inner Journey, Outer Expression). It’s a deep-dive experience that involves finding your voice, owning it, and then sharing it with the potency of your personality. 
In turn, you can:

💜 Harness your passions 

💜 Integrate your ‘truth’ 

💜 Sell without manipulating

💜 Serve with soul

When you build your message from the inside out, copywriting and content creation start to feel like creative expression!
So if you’re ready to activate an audience with the conversations and solutions you advocate for, I’d love to help. 
Join me on a journey through 30, thought-provoking questions, and we’ll uncover the ideas, stories, and beliefs that form the building blocks of the message you are perfectly placed to share. 
Are you in? 
The message you are perfectly positioned to share lives inside you right now. 
You discover it when you look backward and join the dots because your aligned message is inspired by your life. It’s influenced by your beliefs, your stories, and the change you want to create in the world. 
Pulling all that message gold together involves collecting all the jigsaw pieces and assembling them to create your picture of promise
30 Questions To Your Message can help you fulfil that quest. 
Built around FIVE themes, the programme asks questions that help you uncover the details of your message. Covering subjects including your identity, your defining moments, and your life’s purpose, you’ll dig deep to reveal aspects of your message that will help you draw your perfect audience close.  
You’ll discover a lot about yourself too – but that only serves to deepen the connection you can have with your audience. 
When you craft a message from this deep place, you don’t have to rely on manipulative sales hacks. 
With your aligned message activated, your natural passion can shine through. You don’t have to ‘fake it til you make it’ or pretend to be someone you’re not.
Come from a place of integrity, and you can say it as you see it – knowing you’ll attract people who resonate with you, your results, and your offers. 
If you’re ready to dance with your YOUness and engage in an inner journey to surface the characteristics, stories, and beliefs that inspire your work matters, I’d love to work with you.  
Are you in? 

Work At Your Own Pace

If you’re inspired to: 
💜 Cut through the online noise & sea of sameness
💜 Get clear on what you’re called to say
💜 Leave a positive wake with your message 
You’ll LOVE exploring these 30, message-making questions. Crafted to guide you beyond the superficial and deep into the heart of your message, this programme will inspire you to find your you – so you can craft the message you are best placed to share.

The more you know yourself, the clearer your message gets

30 Questions To Your Message is delivered in a workbook format.

As a result of answering these 30 questions, you will:
💜 Explore an inner journey – so you can get clearer on who you really are to ensure your outer message aligns with your inner being
💜 Discover why you do what you do – so you understand what motivates you and how your business positively impacts your clients
💜 Pinpoint what you’re good at – to ensure your core skills and talents are woven into the fabric of your business
💜 Identify what’s shaped you – to help you create a compelling backstory and share stories that build rapport with your perfect audience
💜 Know where you can stretch yourself – so you can be fearlessly visible and show up as the best version of yourself
As a result, you’ll be able to:
💜 Turn your experiences into riveting content – so you can discover and express more of your truth
💜 Move past the superficial – into the gritty depths of your true message
💜 Release and articulate the awesomeness within – so you can share with more heart
💜 Learn more about yourself – so you can show up with integrity, congruency, and authenticity
💜 Put your heart and soul into words – so your message can move, inspire, and create possibilities for your audience
💜 Feel more confident in your message – so you can show up with less fear and more conviction
I’ve found there’s no greater gift than getting closer to the truth of who you are.
So I invite you to craft your message with the help of an inner journey guided by 30 meaningful questions. Ponder over them, explore beyond the superficial, and see what you discover beyond the mask.

Why Take This Journey?

It was May 2016. I was frustrated. I’d hit a glass ceiling. My business was stuck. I was going around in circles trying to find a way to get to the ‘next level’. I’d tried all sorts of stuff. Courses. Books. Trainings. More learning. I instinctively knew I was missing something. I just didn’t know what.
So I began an inner journey – something I’d been passionate about in my 20s. 
I asked myself deep, probing questions. I wrote down my answers. I mulled over my thoughts. I pushed myself to look deeper. In turn, I got clear on skills that were intrinsic to the way I worked, experiences that shaped my message, and passion I’d left untapped.
It was the breakthrough that helped me express my body of work with more confidence, consistency, and courage.
My Inner Journey took me closer to the work I wanted to do and the conversations I wanted to spark. 
I discovered answers. I sharpened my message. I figured out what my work meant to the people I helped and expanded my work beyond copywriting alone.
It’s a shift I saw in my clients too.

Your voice matters

Instead of focusing on products and services alone, I became deeply interested in the person behind the brands I worked with. (I’ve been blessed to have worked with some incredible people). 
During our fact-finding calls, I asked personal questions about their passions and thought processes. As a result, I found myself listening to stories of tipping points, breakthroughs, successes, and failures (and I loved every minute). 
As I got to know my clients deeper, It was clear to me just how much the ‘human factor’ mattered in message-making.


It helped me explain in meaningful ways why my clients and their work mattered. 
It opened a way to create manipulation-free copy and inspired content that served as a force for connection, inspiration, and conversation. 
I believe the truth of who you are is THE most beautiful thing. 
When you know who you are and why your work matters, you uncover a deep-rooted self-confidence that transforms the way you speak, share, and show up. 
You’re no longer nudged off your path by the latest hack or trick that doesn’t stand the test of time. You don’t copycat. You don’t hyper-inflate your results. You don’t lean on money or luxury to sell your stuff. Instead, you use words responsibly. You get clear on the wake you leave and you make sure you’re comfortable and confident with the promises you make others. 
You stand with integrity and communicate with your audience in a way that feels raw, real, and non-manipulative. 
It’s where the magic happens 🙂 
So if you’re sick of the fake promises and hubris online and you want to be a thought-leader who shares and sells with authenticity, honesty, and integrity, this resource can help. 

Are you ready to get to the core of who you are
- so you can surface, shape, and share your aligned message?

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