The Three Vs of Aligned Message-Making

The Three Vs of Aligned Message-Making

This is the Age of the Individual Messenger where your words have power, your voice has influence, and your way of being sparks magic. 

Your message is your unique gift to the world, and your greatest personal growth catalyst. 

No wonder it feels like turning the valve on a pressure cooker when you finally figure out what you’re here to say! 

Your message is a direct link to your truth. When you find it, the words flow with effortless ease. You understand how you can impact and you know how you can best serve. 

With your message nailed down, your content flows, clients are magnetised, and your life unfolds as an example of what’s possible for people who want something similar to what you’ve created & experienced.

The question is, how do you discover the message you’re here to share? 

I believe there are THREE components… let’s explore them now. 


The visibility piece is all about who you are as a messenger [or influencer, leader, teacher, mentor – whatever word you resonate with most].  

This piece is key because when you’re sharing the message of YOU, there’s nowhere to hide. You’ve got to get comfortable expressing ALL of you – and that can get confronting.

Personally, I’ve struggled a LOT with this [it’s why your message is a catalyst for accelerated personal growth and evolution]. 

It can feel safe to hide behind a facade or a mask – concealing the more sensitive aspects of who you are. But in this Age of the Individual Messenger, more YOU equals more impact. In other words, we have to approach message-making with a confidence about who we are and what we have to share. 

This takes courage, braveness, and boldness. 

Research shows that public speaking is one of our greatest fears! But to make an impact, you need to be able to say, believe, and embody the things you stand for and feel passionate about.

VISIBILITY is all about understanding what you bring to the table. In the Age of the Individual Messenger, who you are is as important as what you know. It’s a trend in sharp contrast to even a couple of decades ago. When I was at school, you had an edge in education if you held knowledge in your head. 

Nowadays, we can google pretty much anything and get answers in a few clicks. Knowledge is no longer scarce, it’s in overload. Sure, your expert know-how is essential for credibility and for getting clients results, but it’s not the edge it used to be. 

People aren’t just looking for information… they’re proactively deciding WHO they want to learn that information from. 

They’re proactively deciding whose voice to turn up – and whose voice gets switched off. This is where your YOU makes all the difference. 

Your individuality is the lens through which you express your message [your expert know-how]. 

And this lens determines who you attract and ultimately, who will want to work with you. If someone wants to hear about message-making from a 40-something mum with gentle energy, a big heart, and a passion for unleashed self-expression, they’ll jam with me. If not, they’ll find their answers from someone else. 

As a messenger with something to say and something powerful to teach, you have to know what you bring to the table. What if your vibe, your energy, your essence? When you know this, you get to own it – and then amplify it. 

Then we also have to trust that who we are, is perfect for the right people. Take this first step and your message becomes stronger because you as a messenger become stronger

Then the scale of your impact escalates.

Which is why your message starts with the visibility piece… you have to know who you are. You need to give yourself the space to discover who you are – knowing your identity will constantly grow and evolve as your life unfolds. 

It’s the work of your lifetime – and the work that will spark your deepest impact, and your fullest self-expression. 


Your VAULT is the wisdom you’re best placed to share… the universal knowledge you’ve figured out because of the life you’ve lived.

When you cut to the core, I believe we’re ALL looking for the same thing. Simply put, we want to live a ‘good’ life – and we all have a different definition of what that means. 

As a result, we’re all walking different, but similar paths. We’re all looking for the experiences and insights that switch on the feelings we desire. 

Along the way, we’re figuring stuff out – because life is an incredible teacher. We’re overcoming hurdles, creating wins, and continuously redefining who we are – because life is fuelled by growth and evolution. 

The way you overcome challenges and the insights you figure out form your innate wisdom. And your innate wisdom holds value for someone else. 

In other words, your journey becomes someone else’s shortcut. 

Thanks to your life experiences, you’ve figured out something that can help others. Your lived wisdom can help other bend time and enjoy results faster and easier. 

Your wisdom is a piece of someone else’s jigsaw. When you share your message through the lens of YOU, there will be a certain group of people who you are exactly who they need to hear that message from. You are the perfect vessel for that message your voice lands with them, it resonates with them, it opens something up for them.

When you share your insights through the lens of you, you lay down stepping stones and mark out a proven path for someone else to follow. In turn, they can then achieve results faster. For me, the vault piece of the message-making is, is one of the most powerful forms of collaboration, and co-creation. 

When you hold up that piece for the right people to see, you empower the collective consciousness to elevate. 

So what’s inside your VAULT? 

One aspect is your CORE MESSAGE – this is the distilled essence of what you have to say. As an example, here’s mine…

Your message is your unique gift to the world and your greatest personal growth catalyst. I help creatives, visionaries, and impact-driven entrepreneurs surface, shape, and share their aligned message – so they’re empowered to do the work they came here to do. 

Next are your philosophies and methodologies – the unique ways you help people achieve the thing you can help them do. 

And all that’s supported by your stories and anecdotes. 

Best of all, when your VAULT is shared through the Lens of YOU, it has a unique vibe. No one else has the same stories and lived experiences because they are not you. 

When you leverage your life as the context for your message, you tap into an infinite treasure trove…

Because each day offers new insights and experiences that deepen, evolve, or expand the core of what you have to say. 

And this treasure trove continues to fill up – until the day you decide to stop. 


The vision piece holds the possibility for your message. The vision of Find Your YOU, is empowering visionaries, creatives, and impact-driven entrepreneurs to discover their individual message and share it. This work is good for the individual messenger [because your message is your greatest personal growth catalyst] and good for humanity [because your message is your unique gift to the world]. 

I believe individual messages have the power to elevate the collective consciousness. 

In other words, this is the work of our times – and the work of our lifetime. 

Because through message-making work we get to discover WHO WE REALLY ARE… and in the process, make a dent on the world that only we can do [because there is no one else just like you]. 

This work inspires us to invest in the inner journey. 

To come back to the truth of who we are. 

To find our true voice – and share it. 

To serve others through our innate gifts, experiences, and being. 

To solve global problems and create a better future. 

To heal – ourselves and others. 

It’s beyond powerful…

And it’s a way of being that’s accessible to us ALL. 

Because each of us has a piece of someone else’s jigsaw. Thanks to our unique life experiences, we’ve all mastered something. 

What’s more, we have no idea the full extent of the impact we can make – just by finding, sharing, and evolving our YOU. 

Think about it…

There’s never been a better time to be more YOU. 

You can start speaking out NOW. You don’t need to wait for a TV or book deal. Just open up your Facebook or Instagram profile and share your truth. 

You have a platform through which you can speak. 

You can blog, podcast, email, create videos etc. 

The opening is there – for all of us. 

And the world needs this fearless visibility and full self-expression – because there is so much to heal and transform on a global scale. 

I believe there are people out there – right now – who hold the solutions to some of the problems we face. 

Messages can spark the conversations that matter. 

The conversations that lead somewhere. 

The conversations that ignite transformation and evolution. 

Which is why I’ve fallen deep into this message-making work because I KNOW its potential. IT’S HUGE. 

The only question is, are you ready too? 

Your message has magnitude

It’s time to leave your voice instead of a void. 

It’s time to be seen and heard for who you REALLY are. It’s time to express your inner world so it can make a dent in our physical reality. It’s time to do the deep-dive work to discover your true message so you can make your fullest impact – for you and for humanity. 

If you’re ready to dive deep, I’m ready to help. 

The Thought Leader Mastermind is a powerful creative space where you’ll discover your VISIBILITY, VAULT, and VISION – and then learn how to amplify these through your VOICE, VALUE, and VIBE. 

We’ll work together on a deep-dive quest that will guide you to the truth of who you are. 

This experience is liberating, releasing, and freeing. 

For all the details, LOOK HERE.

I create this so that:

  1. You remember how much your voice matters.
  2. You’re inspired to dig deeper into your message, get creative with your content, and keep showing up with fearless visibility.

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